2000 – January 31 – Volume 27, No. 11


Snocross racing was at its peak in 2000 – as racers from across the globe converged on the WSA race circuit. For instance, here’s the top 10 in Pro Open in the Canterbury race covered in this issue: Blair Morgan, Carl Schubitzke, DJ Eckstrom, Trevor John, Kurtis Crapo, Carl Kuster, Greg Hyde, Aaron Scheele, Kent Ipsen and David Brown. That’s after guys like Toni Haikonen, Chris Vincent, Todd Wolff, TJ Gulla, Earl Reimer, Todd Tupper, Noel Kohanski, Tim Maki, Kirk Hibbert and Justin Tate, among others, were eliminated in heat racing. Holy superstars, batman! Oh yeah, and some other guy named Tucker Hibbert – then just 15 and a few weeks from winning his first X Games gold medal – was hanging out in the Semi-Pro division, which he of course swept. This issue also has coverge of the Indoor Super Snocross in Montreal and Pine Lake 250 cross-country event.

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