1999 – February 8 – Volume 26, No. 12


The 1999 Eagle River World Championship Snowmobile Derby is brilliantly captures in this collector’s edition of Snow Week magazine. Read all about how Mike Houle – previously a dominator in so many different classes, including Formula III – stepped up to the Champ 440 class and earned his first official World Championship in front of a star-studded field. Get blow-by-blow details from that class as well as the victories of Chad Ramesh, Darcy Ewing, Jacques Villeneuve, Terry Wahl, Chris Vincent, Steve Arpin and others in the undercard. Plus, the issue includes a story on Blair Morgan’s victory at an ARSA race in New York, wins by Tom Bosek, Troy Pierce, Eric Fountain and others at an ICE enduro in Michigan and much more.

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