1991 – February 11 – Volume 18, No. 12


Get blow-by-blow details on Greg Goodwin’s run to immortality when he won the 28th annual Eagle River World Championship ahead of Dale Loritz, Gary and Bruce Vessair, Chuck and Allen Decker, Jeff Goodwin, Mike Weatherill, Jacques Villeneuve, Dave Wahl and more. At the same event, read about Mike Houle’s growing prowess in not just Formula III but other classes as well. This issue also includes a story on a MIRA enduro race in Michigan, a NSSR speed run in Minnesota, an NESRA oval event in Maine, PLUS then-breaking-news on Yamaha unveiling some big four-cylinder musclesled — yes, we’re talking about a sneak peak at the famed Vmax-4! The issues are in prestine shape, other than the fold down the center.

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