1985 Snow Week Package – Vol. 13, Issues 1-8


Who’s up for some 1985 flashbacks? This package deal includes EIGHT issues of Snow Week, from July 1985 through November. Issue 1 features a competition review from the previous season, Jim Dimmerman interview and Indy Trail ride review. Issue 2 has an interview with reigning World Champ Michel Gingras and Grantsburg coverage. Issue 3 has Part II of the Dimmerman interview and a Pantera review. Issue 4 features Haydays coverage, a Sno Pro retrospective and interviews of Bob Faist and Jim Bernat. Issue 5 has a Tim Bender interview, Larry Coltom retrospective and Formula SP review. Issue 6 takes you inside Formula III and has a Q&A with Jerry Korinek. Issue 7 has a Goodwin Bros. interview, performance sled review and cross-country I-5 flashback. Issue 8 features a Darcy Ewing interview and tech review on tuned pipes. You get them ALL for one low price – at this rate, you could probably make money on Ebay when you’re done with them!!

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